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Scene coverage :           24 x 24 km
Spatial resolution:          2 meter, 8 meter
Spectral mode : 3, 4 band
Pre processing level :     1A, 2A, Ortho
Cloud cover :                 less than 10%
Order :                          Archive imagery minimum 1 scene
Order :                          New acquisition minimum 1 scene

When ordering an image, supply coordinates which define the polygon of your area of interest. Coordinates either in geographic coordinates (lat/long) or in UTM coordinates showing the UTM zone. The default projection is WGS84.

Application: FORMOSAT-2 is the first and the only high resolution satellite with a daily revist capability. FORMOSAT-2’s spatial resolution is ideally suited to strategic and operational intelligence missions, for identifying and characterising military sites, naval bases, air bases and refugee camps; performing reconnaissance of ships, aircraft and other assests; and monitoring indusrial facilities.

Delivery: Images are delivered in Geotiff format on a DVD or on downloading from FTP


  Spain - 2m   Bulgaria - 8m    
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