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Mr. Mugerezi, has been a driving force in introducing, coordinating, promoting and establishing the GIS applications and related Spatial Technologies in Tanzania since 1995. He introduced and coordinated the setting up of the GIS curriculum and teaching facilities in IT and GIS at the University College of Lands and Architectural Studies (UCLAS) and he founded the first GIS company in Tanzania, The InfoBridge Consultants Limited, in 1998. As the Founder and Managing Director of the InfoBridge Consultants Limited, he has been a key resource person responsible for planning, design and execution of many projects in surveying, mapping and GIS applications in Tanzania. Edwin has a Masters degree in GIS from the ITC, Netherlands
Hashim is a Founder and Director of InfoBridge Consultants Limited. He holds a PhD in Systems Development from Shinshu Universitry, Japan. He has vast experience in working, supervising and evaluating information systems, with specialisation in internet node automatic communication. His computing skills includes various operating systems and programming languages. He has more than 20 years of teaching at the Computing Department, University of Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Josephat is a qualified Land Surveyor and GIS Expert with a Masters degree in Geomatics from the ITC, The Netherlands. He has more than eight years of field experience in GPS and digital mapping. As a GIS Manager at InfoBridge, he plans and manages all GIS Projects, and GPS and Satellite mapping projects.
Josephat has experience in analysing web site information needs and designing web maps. He works with MapInfo and ArcGIS to develop GIS databases, Macromedia Free hand and Adobe Photoshop to design map layouts; and ER Mapper and Global mapper to manage raster data and satellite images.  In the field, Josephat works with DGPS and Total Stations. Currently, is a GIS Manager and Trainer at InfoBridge and a member of the Institution of Surveyors of Tanzania (IST)

Doris is a graduate (BSc) Surveyor from the Ardhi University with GIS specialization. She is a Coordinator and Trainer of Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) courses offered by InfoBridge.

Majid has a diploma in Cartography with specialization in Print Production having studied at the Graphic Media Development Centre, GMDC, in the Hague. He has attended courses on Applications of GIS in Local Agenda 21 Processes from the Technische Fachhochschule, in Berlin. He is the representative of InfoBridge Company in the Lake Zone region in Tanzania, stationed in Mwanza City.


Christopher has a Diploma in Digital Cartopgraphy with more than five years of working and using various cartographic software including Macromedia Free Hand and Adobe Illustrators. Christopher also has experiences in using GPS for GIS data capture as well as using different software for data capture and conversion.



Florescence is a Financial Controller for the company. She has a degree in Finance and a Masters degree in Busines Administration from the University of Dar Es salaam. She has experience in working with various accounting software including Tallys and MyOB.



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