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Orthophoto map Production
We undertake the following tasks:
  1. Aerial Photography
  2. Ordering the high resolution satellite images
  3. Image processing
  4. Ground truthing/surveying with  GPS and Total Station
  5. Designing, compiling and printing Orthophoto maps
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications
We undertake the following tasks:
  1. Data Capture by digitizing, Scanning, vectorisation and GPS Survey
  2. Creating geo-referenced digital databases at village, district, urban and national level
  3. Developing Land-based Revenue Collection Systems
  4. Updating base maps
  5. Preparing land use plans
  6. Developing web-maps
  7. Designing, compiling and printing thematic maps
Training in Spatial Technologies/Geomatics
  1. Tailor-made courses
  2. On-site training
  • Satellite images (Quickbird, SPOT, Formosat, IKONOS, IRS, LANDSAT)
  • Tanzania basic Topographic  maps (1:2,500;   1:50,000;   1:250,000)
  • Tanzania thematic maps
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